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I am a Professor of Economics at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I am specialised in international development, focusing on labour markets, international trade, education, health, migration, wages, employment, inequality, and poverty. 

My research applies rigorous econometric techniques founded on sound economic theory to formulate evidence-based economic and social policy recommendations aimed at improving conditions in developing countries.

Geographically, my area of specialisation covers Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. In studying nations in these regions, I have used readily available international and national data sources, as well as created my own surveys for primary data collection in Colombia, Venezuela, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, India and Australia. 

I have dual Australian and Ecuadorian nationalities, and have lived in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, the US, The Netherlands and Australia. 

I completed my PhD in Economics in the Australian National University in 2008. 

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