Economic Consulting

I have been engaged in economic consulting for over 10 years. I have worked for Australia's largest independent consultancy as well as undertaken various independent consulting projects for government and industry clients internationally. Consultation work is particularly important for me as an academic economist because it allows me to directly engage with the community and better inform my research and teaching. 

specialize in quantitative business analysis and working with very big datasets with very little engineering support. My strengths are not only in the application of rigorous research skills, including advanced econometric methods, but also in carefully interpreting my results in order to provide a set of realistic and relevant evidence-based recommendations that can be understood and implemented by non-economists to solve problems and formulate strategy. 

In my work, I transform raw data into meaningful analysis characterized by meticulous data governance, technique transparency, documentation and communication. I can communicate findings verbally, visually and in writingDuring consultation I work closely with you by partnering with professionals in your organisation, including non-economists, in order to use your experience and expertise to identify opportunities for improvement and inform decision making.

I am able to provide consulting services in the following broad areas:
  • Agricultural economics,
  • Firm strategy,
  • Estimation of demand and supply curves,
  • Estimation of elasticities,
  • Estimation of profit maximizing levels of output and prices,
  • Macroeconomic policy, 
  • Microeconomic policy and reform,
  • Poverty and inequality measurement,
  • Law and economics, 
  • Labour economics, 
  • International trade, 
  • Sports strategy,
  • Public policy, and 
  • Public affairs management.
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