Economic Consulting

I have been engaged in economic consulting for over 10 years. I have worked for Australia's largest independent consultancy as well as undertaken various independent consulting projects for governments, International Organisations and NGOs. 

I am able to provide consulting services in the following broad areas:
  • Macroeconomic policy, 
  • Microeconomic policy and reform,
  • Development economics,
  • Poverty and inequality measurement,
  • Labour economics, 
  • International trade, 
  • Sports strategy,
  • Public policy.
Recently, I have undertaken the following projects:
  • "The causes, costs and responses to environmental shocks: Summary of the main data of the Survey in Caño Martin Peña" for the United Nations Global Compact Cities Program and the ENLACE Project (Government of Puerto Rico) (2018). 
  • "Preferential trade agreements with labour provisions and labour market outcomes: evidence from Asia and the Pacific (Labour Provisions in Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreements Part II)". Background Paper No.2/2017 for the Development Account project Enhancing the Contribution of Preferential Trade Agreements to Inclusive and Equitable Trade. Bangkok: ESCAP. Econometric analysis (2017).   
  • “Precarious child labour and health” for the Peruvian Ministry of Labour and Social Promotion. (2017).
  • “Child Labour, Education, and Labour Market Outcomes in Asia Pacific” for Australian Government Department of Employment. (2016).
  • “Enhancing Labour Mobility in the APEC Region” for APEC Secretariat and Australian Government Department of Employment (Philippines and Australia). (2016).
  • “Bay plan 2070 for Port Phillip Bay: Microeconomic analysis. Understanding attitudes toward climate risk and willingness to fund government projects from a business perspective” City of Port Phillip (Australia). (2016).
  • “Preferencias sobre Clubes de Fidelización Telefónicos (Preferences over Telephone Fidelity Clubs)” for Movistar (Chile). (2016). 
  • “Australia-China trade relationships today and tomorrow”, for Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (China). (2013).
  • “Implications of Ecuador’s anti-nonopoly law” for Gremio de Productores de Palmito (Fedepalma) (Ecuador). (2012).
  • “Macroeconomic policy in developing nations” for Iraqi Ministry of Finance. (2011). 
  • “International trade and economic development” for Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (2010).
  • “Australian trade of live animals” for Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (Australia). (2009).
  • “A critical review of cost benefit analyses of research and development projects in Australian agriculture” for the Council of Chairs Secretariat of the Rural Research and Development Corporations. (2008).
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